Grit Gitter Pool & Spa Vacuum

Single Unit


Simple squeeze of the hand and the dirt is gone!   Easy to use and clean; GRIT GITTER !!!!

Order GG- 109   12 pak

Counter Display


Pool steps and spas stairs, let Grit Gitter do the dirty work picking up dirt, sand and gravel.   No need to pull out the bulky vac hose and vac heads.

Point of Purchase counter display with 12 Grit Gitters standing tall!

GG- 109  12 pak

"In a Jar"


"In a Jar" looks great on the retail store AND also makes a great pool or spa housewarming present.   A great Thank You for your new Spa customers.

GG- 101   6 pak

Extended works on Pools


GG- 121   6 pak

Pools & Spas


Features a one way stopper valve and stainless filter screen on both Standard and Extended models.

Extended works on Spas


GG- 121   6 pak

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