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Duramitt Ultra

 Large flat scrubbing surface removes even the toughest dirt, slime, and grime.  Its ergonomic design eliminates hand fatigue associated with gripping a sponge.  Duramitt Ultra protects your hand from water and chemicals.

Duramitt Retail Packaging

Duramitt Ultra is a combination Scrubby and Sponge bonded to a durable  heavy duty waterproof latex mitt.  Ideal for use on fiberglass, acrylic, vinyl & tile. 

DM-1 12 Pak   96 Master Case

Chemical Measuring Cup

Raised graduations for proper dosing

 Marked  16 OZs and cups 2 cup increments

MC-1 -12   Master 48

Cleaning Wand

Provides easy cleaning of heavy internal cartridges and parts with high pressure water.  On / Off valve valve fits a 

standard garden hose.

CW-1 12 Pak   

Jet Nozzle & Brush Attachments

Both Nozzle & Brush are packaged with the 24" wand in a Clamshell pak

Cleans better from the Inside Out!

Works on DE, Sand & Cartridge.  

DE Scoop

Easy to measure, 12 Oz DE Scoop

MD-1   24 pack

Water Leveler Above Ground

  • Fills pools automatically when water level is low
  • Above Ground unit includes bracket to allow mounting the the pool frame
  • WLAG-1   6 pak 

Water Leveler In Ground

  • Great for vacation properties and Service Routes  
  • •No tools required for Installation  
  • •Standard Hose Connection  
  • •Fully Portable  
  • •Adjustable Fill Levels  •
  • WLW-1   6 pak

Foot Bath

Keeps dirt & debris from getting into the pool.   Great for pool parties.

Consumers Love our Feet Baths!

Fb-1  24 Pak

Spa/Pool Hand Vac

Quick and Easy clean up of minor debris using simple pump action to create suction.  

Keep poolside; NO hoses or vac heads

VH-1     4 pak

Hand Vac Adapters


  • Leaf Skimmer
  • Dual Nozzle
  • Slide-on Brush
  • Wall mount plate

Hose Tote

Easily hang or carry vacuum hoses, garden hoses, electrical cords, ropes, and more.  Features a heavy duty hook and loop closure with a convenient carry handle.

Great for service Routes!

HT-1  12 Pak   144 / Master Case


Timers and Controllers

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